Artistic Gymnastics


Women’s gymnastics is included in the Olympics and is a competitive sport. It includes four different events in which the gymnast performs many different skills and dance. The Olympic order of events is vault, bars, beam, floor. To learn more about women's gymnastics, visit the USA Gymnastics site.


Men’s gymnastics is an Olympic sport and a competitive sport. Men’s is slightly different from women’s, in the fact that it is more about strength, rather than artistry. Boys compete in six events, two of which are the same as women’s. The Olympic order of events is floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar. Gymnasts perform many different skills to show off strength and precision. To learn more about men's gymnastics, visit the USA Gymnastics site.


Here is a quick chart to show the different events competed by men and women. To learn more about these events, visit Women's Events or Men's Events.

Artistic Gymnastics Events
Vault Pommel Horse Parallel Bars Uneven Bars High Bar Rings Balance Beam Floor Exercise
Men or Women Both Men Men Women Men Men Women Both